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Genshin Elemental Sigils Ready Made Wax Seals [VOL 1]

Genshin Elemental Sigils Ready Made Wax Seals [VOL 1]

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You can find them in chests and in the vast wilderness of Teyvat and now they're here! These Elemental Sigils come with a double-sided sticker back for you to paste these wax seals on journals, packaging, envelopes and more. Or, simply keep them for display!

Each packet of sigils come with TWO sigils! 


**THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL FANMADE GENSHIN IMPACT PRODUCT. Illogical Pins is not affiliated with Genshin Impact or Mihoyo.


Item Specs:

  • 2x 3cm Wax Seals
  • Coloured symbols with acrylic and oil-based markers
  • 3M double-sided sticker
  • Handmade product


Coloured symbols are limited and priced slightly higher due to the amount of time taken to make them along with the tediousness of the process. Please understand this! As such, small errors in colouring the sigils such as missed spots or flooded lines are considered within an acceptable degree. White symbols, for example, require an immense amount of time to make as two to three layers of paint is required for full opacity.

As each seal is handmade, some seals may not be perfectly centred. Some seals will also contain small traces of contaminants that should not harm the overall look of the seal. As all seal colours are custom wax mixes, seals may slightly differ in colour between batches as well. 

By purchasing these sigils, you understand the potential imperfections that you may receive in these products. Refunds will be entertained on a case by case basis.

With that, every order will receive a card with instructions on how to colour in blank sigils. If you would like to colour them in yourself, please refer to that guide!


Product pricing is kept this way to make this affordable to everyone. If you like my work, consider leaving me a tip at checkout!

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